Aldhelm Riddle 17: Perna


Date: Sat 12 Mar 2022
Original text:

E geminis nascor per ponti caerula concis
Vellera setigero producens corpore fulva;
En clamidem pepli necnon et pabula pulpae
Confero: sic duplex fati persolvo tributum.


From twin shells I am born in the blue waters of the sea,
Producing golden pelts from my bristly body.
See, I confer cloaks from my fabric and also food 
From my flesh: thus I pay my two-fold debt to fate.

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This edition is based on Rudolf Ehwald, ed. Aldhelmi Opera Omnia. Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Auctores Antiquissimi, 15. Berlin: Weidmann, 1919, pages 59-150. Available online here.

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