Bern Riddle 52: De rosa


Date: Wed 02 Dec 2020
Matching Commentaries: Commentary on Bern Riddle 52: De rosa
Original text:
Mollis ego duros de corde genero natos;
In conceptu numquam amplexu viri delector.
Sed dum infra meis concrescunt fili latebris,
Meum quisque nascens disrumpit vulnere corpus.
Postquam decorato velantes tegmine matrem
Saepe delicati frangunt acumine fortes.
Soft, I make hard children from my heart.
During conception, I never enjoy the embrace of a man.
But while my sons grow in my secret places,
each one breaks my body with a wound as they are born.
After that, wrapping the mother in a decorative covering,
the delicate often break the strong with a spike.
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