Boniface Riddle 5: Veritas ait


Date: Mon 26 Jul 2021
Original text:
Vincere me nulli possunt, sed perdere multi.
Est tamen et mirum, Christi quod sedibus adsto
Regnans et gaudens superis cum civibus una
Incola, sed quaerens germanam rura peragro,
5  Terras quam plures fantur liquisse nefandas,
Amplius in sceptris mundi iam degere nolo
Sanctam merendo tristis non nacta sororem,
Antiquus vates cecinit quod carmine David.
In terris vanos homines me virgine dempta.
10  Trans, ubi semper eram, fugiens nunc sidera scandam.
No one can defeat me, but many can lose me.
And yet it is amazing that I stand in the realms of Christ,
a native, governing and rejoicing together with the heavenly subjects,
but I wander the countryside, looking for my sister—
5  she is said to have left many wicked lands.
I do not wish to live in the worldly kingdom anymore,
sad that I did not deserve to find my holy sister;
the ancient poet David sang a song about this.
With me—a virgin—removed, men on earth are empty.
10  Fleeing, I will reach the stars now, where I always was.
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This edition is based on Ernst Dümmler, (ed.). Poetae Latini aevi Carolini, Volume 1. Berlin, MGH/Weidmann, 1881. Pages 1-15. Available online here.

Note that this riddle appears as No. 1 (De virtutibus) in Glorie’s edition and No. 1 in Orchard’s edition.