Eusebius Riddle 52: De cymera


Date: Mon 27 Dec 2021
Original text:

Porro, triforme ferum vel monstrum fingor inorme.
Setiger aptavit leo rictibus ora nefandis;
Postremas partes draco diras indidit atrox;
Cetera formae membra dedit fera caprea velox,
Cum filologi me dicunt considere montem
Nunc Cilicum, capreasque leones atque chelidros
Gignentem. Studio virtuteque Bellerofontis
Sic velut occisus dicor, cum nunc habitari
Illius ingenio possum fortique labore.


Next, I am represented as a tri-form or an enormous monster. 
A hairy lion fitted out my face with wicked jaws;
A fierce dragon equipped me with my fearful posterior parts;
A swift wild doe gave the other parts of my figure,
Though scholars now say that I am considered a Cilician
Mountain, begetting goats and lions
And snakes. By the zeal and bravery of Bellerephon
I am thus said to have been slain, so to speak, for now I can be
Inhabited through his skill and great labour.

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