Eusebius Riddle 53: De ypotoma pisce


Date: Mon 27 Dec 2021
Original text:

Nomen imago dedit servandum voce Pelasga.
Narratur mihi quod dorsum, iuba, hinnitus aeque
Assimilatus equo, sed rostrum vertit aduncum
Ad frontem versus, mordens ceu dentibus apri.
Rorifluo cunctos degens in gurgite phoebos, 
Rura per umbriferas depascor florida noctes.


My appearance gave me my name preserved in the Pelasgian tongue.
It is said that my back, mane, and neighing too
Are compared to a horse, but my hooked snout turns
Toward my forehead, biting with teeth as would befit a wild boar.
I spend all my days in the flowing river, 
And through the shadowy nights I feed on flowery fields.

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