Eusebius Riddle 55: De torpedine pisce


Date: Mon 27 Dec 2021
Original text:

Corpora si viva tangam torpescere faxo.
Propter hoc opus infantum, mihi nomen adhesit.
Quin magis: Indicus etsi me generamine Pontus
Ediderit, validi qui tunc me forte lacerti
Longius attingerint, contis seu qualibus hastis,
Torpescerent, et veloces vincire pedestres
Possum – vel potius sic vis mea tanta videtur
Aura mea afficiat sanos quo corporis artus.


If I touch living bodies, I will numb them.
Because of this unspeakable act, my name stuck.
Not just that, but more: although the Indian Ocean birthed me, 
Strong arms which then by chance 
Touch me from farther away, with pikes or some kind of spear,
Are numbed, and I can bind those swift of foot – 
Or rather my strength seems so great
That my breath affects healthy limbs of the body.

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