Lorsch Riddle 10


Date: Fri 23 Apr 2021
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Original text:
Saeva nefandorum non gessi furta latronum
Nec diro humanum fudi mucrone cruorem,
Sed tamen in laqueo reus ut fur pendeo longo.
Si quis at ardenti tangit mea viscera flamma,
Mox simul egregiam lumen dispergo per aulam.
Sicque meo noctis tetras depello tenebras
Lumine, clarifica perfundens luce sacellum.
I did not carry out violent robberies like abominable brigands,
nor did I spill human blood with a dreadful blade,
yet I hang on a long noose like a guilty thief.
But if someone touches my insides with a burning flame,
I will scatter light through the excellent palace straight away.
And so, I cast the repulsive shadows of night
with my glare, drenching the chapel with bright light.
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Lamp, sanctuary lamp


This edition is based on Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Palatinus latinus 1753, folio 117v. You can find images of this manuscript here.

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