Lorsch Riddle 11


Date: Fri 23 Apr 2021
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Original text:
Quando fui iuvenis, bis binis fontibus hausi.
Postquam consenui, montes vallesque de imis
Sedibus evertens naturae iura rescidi.
Post misero fato torpenti morte tabescens,
Mortuus horrende vivorum stringo lacertos,
Necnon humanis praebens munimina plantis
Frigoris a rigidis inlaesas reddo pruinis.
Sic mea diversis variantur fata sub annis.
When I was young, I drank from four fountains.
After I grew old, I cut open mountains and valleys
from the deepest places, overturning the laws of nature.
After wasting away to the wretched fate of stiffening death,
now deceased, I bind the arms of the living horribly,
and I also provide defences for human feet,
preserving them from the stiff frost of winter.
In these ways, my fates are transformed in the changing years.
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Ox, bull


This edition is based on Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Palatinus latinus 1753, folio 117v. You can find images of this manuscript here.

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