Lorsch Riddle 5


Date: Thu 22 Apr 2021
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Original text:
Lucidus et laetus, quinis considere ramis
Saepe solent pariter splendentes, laeta iubentes
Aedibus in mediis fieri non tristia corda.
Dumque simul ludunt ramisque tenentur apertis,
Dulcia quin bibulis tradunt et bassia buccis,
Multifer egreditur tantumque remanet adhaerens
Lucidus in ramis, quibus antea sedit uterque.
Happy and bright, the shining one
often sits with five limbs, demanding that joyful hearts
do not become sad in public halls.
And when, at the same time, it plays and is held in open limbs,
and even gives sweet delights and kisses to thirsty mouths,
the fruitful departs and only a gleaming residue remains in the limbs,
where the other sat earlier.
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Wine, wine cup


This edition is based on Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Palatinus latinus 1753, folio 117r. You can find images of this manuscript here.

“Multicer” > “multifer” (line 6) and “[ut]erque” (line 7) follow Dümmler, Ernst. Poetae Latini aevi Carolini. Volume 1, MGH. Berlin: Weidmann, 1881. Page 22.

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