Symphosius Riddle 55: Acula


Date: Fri 09 Sep 2022
Original text:

Longa sed exilis, tenui producta metallo,
Mollia duco levi comitantia vincula ferro;
Et faciem laesis et nexum reddo solutis.


Long but thin, formed of fine metal,
I guide pliant bonds with light iron;
And I return shape to the damaged and connection to the dissolved.

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This edition is based on Raymond T. Ohl, ed. The Enigmas of Symphosius. PhD dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, 1928.

If you're researching/studying this collection, you should also consult this excellent new edition: T. J. Leary, ed. Symphosius: The Aenigmata, An Introduction, Text and Commentary. London: Bloomsbury, 2014. Textual differences in that edition include:

  • Title: Acula > acus

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